Meet Barbara DiMercurio-Revelette of Trilogy Health Services

Feb 20, 2021 | Past Sponsored

“It’s easy to become consumed by the pandemic, especially when you work for an industry that’s been so impacted by it. But 2020 taught me that COVID-19 doesn’t put everything in your life on hold. You can still find opportunities for joy and inspiration; you just need to take the time to look for them,” says Barbara DiMercurio-Revelette, senior vice president and chief nursing officer of Trilogy Health Services.

Barbara DiMercurio-Revelette, senior vice president and chief nursing officer of Trilogy Health Services, is a caregiver first. As a wife and a mom, she’s passionate about being present for all of life’s important moments, big and small. As Chief Nursing Officer, she’s passionate about setting an example for others. “There are a lot of parallels between my personal and professional passions, because in both worlds, I’m a caregiver first,” she says.

For the almost 6 years she has been with Trilogy, Barbara has focused on making a difference for the residents as well as the employees. “At Trilogy, we call this, ‘Caring for you as you care for others.’ It’s this idea that we’re here to support the whole person, whether that person is a resident of one of our communities or one of our employees,” she says. “So if you’re a resident, you can count on receiving great clinical care, along with amazing food, fun activities, and compassionate people. If you’re an employee, you can count on professional development programs but also on your employer taking an interest in you as a person. That could mean providing emergency financial assistance, helping pay off student loans, or even helping you lose weight or quit smoking. If there’s a way the company can help improve someone’s life, there’s a good chance Trilogy is already investing time and resources into making it happen.”

Needless to say the COVID-19 pandemic has presented Barbara and Trilogy many challenges. “Every single day there were a dozen unprecedented challenges and countless new details to take into account. But when you have the right people by your side, you can overcome anything. At home, my family was my anchor. At work, my team was my life preserver — without them, I would have been sunk.”

One positive Barbara has seen as a result of the pandemic is that healthcare workers are truly being recognized. “Traditionally, healthcare workers weren’t called heroes — if anything, they were taken for granted,” she says. “It’s important that as life returns to normal, we never forget the sacrifices these people made.”

With the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, Barbara is excited that Trilogy employees and residents were at the top of the list to receive it. “Our residents are the most excited. You can see it in their eyes — they can’t wait to hug their families again. Of course, it’s up to us as healthcare employees to help make this happen. Getting vaccinated isn’t only a privilege — it’s a responsibility we have to our residents, our families, and our communities.”

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