Best Bodies: Kathleen Brinch

Jan 7, 2021 | Best Bodies, Wellness

KATHLEEN BRINCH, 30, is owner and instructor at Shred415 Highlands and Shred415 Hurstbourne.   Makeup by Amber Himes. Location at Lynn Family Stadium.


When the pandemic hit, Shred415 immediately transitioned group fitness classes from in-person to online with daily livestream classes and free Instagram TV workouts. It was incredible to continue to see familiar faces and encourage each other from home during such uncertain times.


I can do hard things! Without the confidence I gained from my own personal fitness transformation that began in 2014 as a Shred415 client, I would have never taken the leap to become an instructor and later open my own Shred415 studios.

Advice for Beginners

Set one measurable and time-specific goal. For example, a goal could be to complete 20 push-ups in one minute by March 1. Whatever your goal is, it should be one that holds you accountable and motivates you to keep going even when things get hard. Be sure to take one small step toward your goal each day. Whether it’s getting enough sleep, completing one more push-up than yesterday, or eating a nutritious meal, the action of making one healthy decision today will encourage you to continue making good decisions in the days to come.

Best Fitness Tool

We use the top-of-the-line Woodway Treadmills at both of the Shred415 studio locations in Louisville. This machine has a unique belt that mimics the feel of running outdoors and provides a dynamic, low-impact workout. You can walk, jog, or run and get a great cardio workout anytime of the year.

— Kathleen Brinch, 30, owner & instructor, Shred415 Highlands and Shred415 Hurstbourne.


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