Best Bodies 2021: Ramona Butler

Jan 4, 2021 | Best Bodies, Wellness

RAMONA BUTLER, 42, is owner of GYMGUYZ Louisville.  Makeup by Amber Himes. Location at Lynn Family Stadium.

I had high cholesterol and high blood pressure in my twenties. When I was in college, my doctor told me if I didn’t get it together that I would need to have triple bypass surgery by age 35. I started scheduling workout classes and changed my diet. Fitness coupled with proper nutrition helped me manage my stress levels, think clearer, sleep better, stay fit, and challenge my physical capabilities.

Defining Success

Being able to button my favorite pair of jeans, run up a flight of stairs, or chase my niece and godchildren without gasping for air.


My GYMGUYZ trainer used to come to my house three times a week to conduct my workouts. Now, they drop off the equipment at the door and coach me through my workouts online. After my workout, I put everything on the porch and continue with my day.


I can do anything for 10 seconds, and I prefer the accountability of a trainer.

Best Fitness Tools

Nike women’s gym ultimate fitness gloves keep my hands callous-free during my heavy lifting sessions. Bondi Band women’s headbands keep the sweat out of my eyes and come in cool colors.

— Ramona Butler, 42, owner, GYMGUYZ Louisville

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