Best Bodies 2021: Allison Drybrough Lobdell

Jan 5, 2021 | Best Bodies, Wellness

Allison Drybrough Lobdell, 60.     Makeup by Amber Himes. Location at Lynn Family Stadium.
Defining Success

I measure my success by continuing to show up and giving my all to any activity in which I am involved. Whether it’s an hour of high intensity training or a couple of hours of tennis, I have to continue to work at it, always giving my best effort, satisfied that I can do no more. The important thing is to keep showing up. Staying fit is a daily ritual and is never over.


Most recently as my 60th birthday approached, I challenged myself to a 60-mile bike ride and 60,000-step walk. Led by my husband Mark, an accomplished bike rider, and accompanied on both events by my daughter, Hannah, we rode 61.4 consecutive miles and the following weekend walked 70,000 consecutive steps (34.8 miles).


The first week the gym had to shut down due to COVID-19, my workout group of three (which grew to six, then eight, and finally 10), began meeting down at the riverfront. We ran, worked out with bands and mats, and never missed a week.


I’ve learned that working on my overall fitness does not make me the best at anything, but it does allow me to be better at just about everything. Especially as I age, my fitness improves my ability, courage, and confidence to do and try so many different things. I don’t want to be physically limited.

Best Fitness Tool

My attitude and having a daily plan. I’ve gone through Fitbits, Apple watches with multiple apps, lots of tennis shoes, and too many outfits to remember. It’s great to have a fitness watch to monitor your stats, a favorite yoga mat on which to do your floor work, and a set of bands. But if you don’t come with the right attitude ready to put in the work, you’re probably defeated before you begin.

— Allison Drybrough Lobdell, 60


  1. Lynn

    What an great attitude and inspiration to all! Love seeing hard work pay off!

  2. Lloyd Mosley

    Awesome job!

  3. Linda

    You are an Inspiration!


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