Gifts To Our Community: The Mustard Seed

Dec 18, 2020 | Community, Giving Back

Recycling Hope

When an individual has been helped by an organization, the desire to give back is often overwhelming. For Ginny Weigleb, the help she received from Survivors of Abuse Restored (SOAR), which supports women survivors of childhood sexual abuse, led her to create The Mustard Seed, a nonprofit thrift store with two locations in Southern Indiana: Floyds Knobs and Sellersburg.

Ginny had nearly 20 years experience in the thrift industry, so she brought a knowledge base and skillset to the venture, but she says the people who supported her and joined her mission, which is in its fifth year, were critical to its success. “God just sent the exact right people at the exact right time to get this thing off the ground,” she says.

In addition to providing funds for SOAR, Mustard Seed provides a safe space for survivors. “We don’t have services that are in-house; we don’t provide counseling, but we have to train [staff on] how to talk to a survivor and provide printed material,” she says. Ginny and her staff and volunteers try to provide individuals who have suffered abuse the resources they need to achieve healing. Women who have experienced childhood sexual abuse have paid a huge price, and the costs of treatment for them to deal with their trauma can be a prohibitive barrier to healing.

When it comes to the future, Ginny says she is open to utilizing the spaces where the current shops are now to further support survivors. “The building we just moved over to in Floyds Knobs will have an ability to have an event space,” she says. She envisions using the space to further educate individuals and small groups about sexual abuse and the importance of changing the narrative around what it means to be a victim and soar beyond that.

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