Gifts To Our Community: Racing Louisville FC

Dec 14, 2020 | Community, Giving Back

The women’s soccer team Racing Louisville FC will start playing in 2021 at the Lynn Family Stadium.

A Woman’s League of Our Own

A women’s soccer league was always part of the strategic vision for Louisville City FC, but it wasn’t until fall 2019 that the synergy was there to support it. The men’s league and fan base had grown, and Lynn Family Stadium had been built. “We knew having a women’s team would be a logical step,” says Louisville City FC President Brad Estes. The organization has always wanted to have people in the community playing soccer in as many ways as possible.

While some businesses have cut back or closed as a result of COVID-19, Louisville City FC has moved ahead with the creation of Racing Louisville FC, a National Women’s Soccer League expansion team, as well as the training grounds project, a $15 million investment in a 25-acre site on River Road that includes four artificial turf fields for youth soccer and bermuda grass fields for the men’s and women’s teams.

Christy Holly, head coach of Racing Louisville FC

This year has also seen the rollout of the youth program, which includes a Louisville City Academy and a Racing Louisville Academy. There are 44 teams total, 22 for boys and 22 for girls, for children ages 7-19. The organization has also been focused on providing scholarships to disadvantaged students who want to play soccer but don’t have funds or easy access. “We’ve committed $150,000 in scholarships,” Brad says. “If you want to play for us, we’ll make it happen.”

In terms of future goals, being competitive for league championships and winning are critical, but so is empowering women and minorities. “We’re making strides hopefully from a social justice perspective. We want to empower women and people of color. That’s an important part of what we’re doing as we try to improve our community,” Brad says.

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