The New Issue Is Out!

Nov 30, 2020 | Christmas, Community, Featured, Giving Back, Holiday Celebrations

We’ve Created Something Beautiful

Today’s Woman is about celebrating the beauty of all women, cheering the courageous, encouraging the defeated, uplifting the nurturers, and fighting for a better tomorrow together in our community. We provide a space to share stories about the workers, the dreamers, the survivors, the fighters, the leaders, the caregivers, the doers. The women.

Happy 29th birthday, Today’s Woman!

In the new December issue, read about:
• Sparkling organizations that are filling needs all over Metro Louisville.
• Dealing with loneliness during the holidays.
• A scone for your holiday table
• Wedding celebrations and more!

On the Cover: Artist Erika Wiseman pictured herself (literally) at her holiday best, representing her full Christmas spirit. Read about how this talented artist is impacting the digital art scene and helping other aspiring artists.

Photo by Melissa Donald
Makeup by Amber Himes
Illustration by Erika Wiseman


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