Social Isolation During Pandemic Can Take its Toll on Seniors

Nov 2, 2020 | Past Sponsored

Patti Naiser and Joy Tabler of Senior Home Transitions.

Covid-19 has meant a pandemic of isolation, resulting in depression and increased confusion in many seniors, says Patti Naiser of Senior Home Transitions. Seniors have been identified as one of the most vulnerable if exposed to COVID-19. This has required very necessary precautions to be put into place to protect their health. The quarantine that was meant to protect them has unfortunately also had unexpected negative side effects. The isolation of those in nursing homes, assisted living and at home has had serious consequences in some cases.

Those who were already experiencing some cognitive impairment are especially susceptible to advancement of impairment due to depression and lack of stimulation. Studies have verified that one of the worst things for someone with dementia is for them to be isolated and not engaged. We have experienced an increase in calls from families needing help with parents who have progressed a great deal during the last several months.

Many communities have done an excellent job of continuing to engage their residents while social distancing. The hardest hit populations are nursing homes and independent living communities where activities had to be completely discontinued. The depression and loneliness of residents who couldn’t visit with family or attend activities with their friends has been hard on them.

If you have a family member who has fallen into depression or advanced in their impairment, please reach out. We can help with suggestions as we move forward during these difficult times.

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  1. Unabis

    I completely agree with the article, because in fact retirees really suffer not only the most physically from the consequences of the pandemic but also morally. Most people experience loneliness and fear, sometimes even depression, due to social isolation. I think that a good option to solve this problem could be telemedicine or holding a kind of talk show that will help retirees cope and add a little communication and joy in their daily lives. And of course, it is the love and attention of loved ones. It is the best medicine.


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