How Your Family Can Spread Holiday Cheer, Not Germs

Nov 23, 2020 | Past Sponsored

The holiday season is a time for families to gather and enjoy holiday traditions, some passed down through many generations. However, due to the pandemic, many families are finding creative ways to keep the holiday magic alive, despite the physical distance.

Here are a few ideas from some local families on how they are choosing to connect with family this holiday season:

“Traditionally we have large holiday gatherings, but this year we plan to cook a small meal at home and host a family Zoom meeting so we can see everyone. After our Thanksgiving meal, instead of the usual family shenanigans involving board games and football, we are going to decorate for Christmas. It will be a great way to spend time together and get in the Christmas spirit.” — Laura Shone

“My girls usually play board games with their aunt and uncle after Thanksgiving dinner. This year we are planning to FaceTime them and play a board game we both own. This will allow us to move each other’s pieces while we play. We’ve also planned some family movie watch parties. Depending on the weather, we hope to do an outdoor Christmas Eve with the grandparents. In anticipation of getting back to normal life, we have been making bucket lists of the people we will hug, the celebrations we will have, and the trips we will take.” — Amy Maupin-Eisenback

“We always run the Iroquois Park Thanksgiving Day Run with our parents, followed by a big Thanksgiving lunch. This year the race has (gone virtual), but we are still planning to run the park with them. We think this is a good way to see them and still keep our distance. We are planning an outside breakfast with coffee and donuts after the “race.” The biggest tradition my kids will miss this year is making Christmas cookies at Granny’s house. We still plan to make cookies at our house and then deliver some to the grandparents. We also plan to get casual and wear Christmas pajamas instead of our normal Christmas Eve dresses and ties for the kids.” — Lori Holland

“It’s back to basics for us. We are cooking old family recipes, making presents for each other, and decorating our own wrap for gifts. We also plan to make several crafts, felt ornaments for a felt tree, candy cane planters, pine cone trees, pine cone wreaths, and of course lots of gingerbread houses and cookies. I want to save this stuff for the kids so they can tell their kids about the strange year we reverted back to the basics.” (Learn how to make a pie crust). — Sarah Adair

We recently purchased an outdoor movie projector and love to watch movies on the garage. For the holidays, we will watch some of our holiday favorites on the big screen.” — Greg Horlander

P.S. For those limiting their holiday gatherings, learn how to use technology to communicate with older family members

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  1. Mary Emmons

    Excellent article with some great ideas. Will definitely try some of them for this year’s holidays.


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