Creating Art to Uplift a Community

Oct 26, 2020 | Past Sponsored

With her poetic artwork, Sarah Young, a literary artist-in-residence at the NoCo Arts Center in Jeffersonville, Indiana, reminds Clark Memorial Health staff and patients to ‘Recall your purpose, Recite your blessings.’

When COVID-19 quarantines and shutdowns hit in March 2020, Sarah Young made a necessary shift to home life with her young children. But as a literary artist-in-residence at the NoCo Arts Center in Jeffersonville, Indiana, she felt her artistic flame temporarily dim. Like so many others, she went into survival mode, even though she says this was her first year ever embracing herself as a writer.

 When her poetic proposal for Project Uplift, a collaborative art endeavor between the Jeffersonville Public Art Commission and Clark Memorial Health, was accepted, it wasn’t just another in a series of art projects getting the green light. “This is my first ever solo art exhibition,” Sarah says.

Her two-directional symmetrical poem, which was installed near the Behavioral Health entrance of the Clark Memorial Health campus, was meant to be meditative. Sarah intended the two center lines of the poem, “Recall your purpose/Recite your blessings,” to be the most thought-provoking. The image of deep inhalation and its restorative power was integral to her concept, and the colors that were chosen for the paper symbolize the ebb and flow of a deep breath, she says. 

Sarah’s work for Project Uplift has been a reminder that art is essential even when a person is in survival mode and life feels bleak. “I believe art is the single most vital organ of every culture across humankind. It transforms, translates, and transcends,” she says. “Whether you consider yourself creative or not, art in some form has helped create you. There is something truly profound about that.”

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