Way to Go Woman: Lindsay Wehr

Sep 21, 2020 | Community, Way to Go Woman

“Never stay in the same space of just your own perspective,” says Lindsay Wehr, who is the 2020 Way to Go Woman! in the Professional category.

Job: Senior Vice President of Strategy and Outreach, Kosair Charities
Family: Husband John Crable; dog Teddy; cat Miss Kitty J

Being a master communicator has allowed Lindsay Wehr to achieve goals in diverse industries. “The most challenging task in my career is maneuvering when to speak and when to listen. Often specific traits are put on genders, so I have learned throughout my career how to be heard when speaking, as well as listen, often as the only female leader in the room. Facing this head has required innovation, solution-based thinking, and being brave,” she says. Lindsay began her career at General Electric Appliance Park in internal communications. Later, Lindsay worked her way up to executive director of stewardship at the University of Louisville, helping to manage operations policies and procedures through the UofL Office of Advancement. In her current role, she is responsible for developing Kosair Charities’ strategic planning. “The best part about my job is the ability to help a community and a state that I love so much. We are able to connect resources with people and [other] organizations that are helping kids, and there is no greater motivation than that.”

I learned how crucial consistency in communication is, as well as simply listening. No matter how polite or impolite customers and audiences can be, everyone just wants to be heard. Professionally, I am proud that my goal has not simply been to advance, but to ‘go around the mountain and obtain tools for my toolbelt’ (something a mentor said to me). It means I always keep learning.

Never stay in the space of just your own perspective. If people or organizations have an alternate opinion to yours, stay curious as to why, ask questions, and learn why. 


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