Way To Go Woman: Jenny Watson

Sep 10, 2020 | Community, Way to Go Woman

You can discover and step into exactly who God created you to be,” says Jenny Watson, the Today’s Woman Way to Go Woman! in the Entrepreneur category.

Our 2020 Way to Go Woman! honorees are women age 40 and under who are changing lives, mobilizing the community, and setting new goals for the future. Find out how each of them stays motivated to rise above the challenges and follow the path to success.

Job: CEO and Owner, The Elderberry Co.
Family: Husband Michael; Zadok, (5); Quinn, (3)

Jenny Watson is in the business of helping families protect themselves from the common cold, flu, and allergies. After learning about the health benefits of elderberry syrup, she opened The Elderberry Co. two years ago and began making the syrup in her kitchen.

The company’s growth has allowed Jenny to create an online retail store and open a storefront in New Albany, Indiana. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: “Take baby steps into growing your business. Take your next right step and move forward from there. Find mentors to pour wisdom and insight into you. Make communication your highest priority when you are managing a team of people,” she says.


To empower families, specifically moms. Elderberry syrup empowered me as a young mom to be able to help my children get and stay healthy. I’m passionate about helping families do the same thing. I was and still am a stay-at-home mom while growing and running a BIG small business. I have had to learn balance, peace, and ways to let my kids journey alongside me as I accomplish my dreams.


You can discover and step into exactly who God created you to be. Your family, your kids, whatever else may be holding you back from accomplishing your dreams, are not in opposition to those dreams. You can do both!


  1. Judy

    I discovered this business last fall. I purchased the elderberry syrup and have been taking it almost every day since then. I was only sick one time this winter and had to see a doctor for an antibiotic.

  2. Marcia Schneider

    So deserving! Congratulations!

  3. Herman

    Way to go, good product as well

  4. Sandy Coffman

    Congratulations and continued success – love Elderberry syrup – it works!

  5. Paula Hansinger

    Congratulations! Another hard worker with proof that what you put into your dream helps it come to fruition. I hope your business continues to flourish. Best of good fortune in the days and years ahead!

  6. Carol Brisentine

    We are very proud to be part of Jenny’s growth!! We love the product!!

  7. Mary Holderman

    CONGRATULATIONS Jenny!! I’m so proud of you!! Your life is a true testimony of taking hold of God’s hand and walking with Him as He guides and directs your path!! Thank you for using your gifts and talents for the betterment of our health!!! And I LOVE your products!!!!

  8. Rhonda Murphy

    Congratulations on your award and well deserved. I love your elderberry syrup, your tea and the personal notes attached. Thank you for a wonderful product!


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