Way to Go Woman: Carmen Moreno-Rivera

Sep 19, 2020 | Community, Way to Go Woman

“An effective leader is someone who can adapt to the situation but still be authentic,” says Carmen Moreno-Rivera, who is the 2020 Way to Go Woman! in the Leadership category.

Our 2020 Way to Go Woman! honorees are women age 40 and under who are changing lives, mobilizing the community, and setting new goals for the future. Find out how each of them stays motivated to rise above the challenges and follow the path to success.

Job: Chief of Performance Improvement, Louisville Metro Government
Family: Fiance Dee Muldrow

Carmen Moreno-Rivera recalls an instance when emotional fortitude became her saving grace in a leadership role at United Parcel Service. “The most challenging role in my career I’ve had to tackle was working in crew scheduling at UPS Airlines. That was amplified the night after an aircraft accident in 2013. My management team and I had to focus the technicians on our tasks at hand. We had to fight through the grief to continue to serve our pilots flying in the system, the company, and each other,” she says. Carmen, who has worked in multiple managerial positions at UPS for 10 years, says the decision to move into a government position has given her an opportunity to serve her community on a greater level.


I think an effective leader is someone who can adapt to the situation but still be authentic and genuine in her interactions. I think the most powerful words from a leader can be ‘I don’t know, but I’ll find out.’


I think I exemplify leadership in my work and personal life by actively listening. I have a natural curiosity that drives me to want to understand what folks need to move forward and to work toward collaborative solutions to benefit all sides.


I think bringing an authentic voice to a cause has helped me have an impact on different scales. I’ve connected with younger women on what it’s like to work in white-male-dominated environments. I’ve connected with Black people on what it’s like to work in government during times of civil unrest. I focus on learning from every experience and incorporating those lessons into my work and future plans.