Salty & Sour Derby Inspiration — Bailey Wynn

Aug 17, 2020 | Derby, Fashion

BAILEY IS WEARING: Top, $68, Pants, $72, Earrings, $26, Shoes, $88, all from Magnolia & Fig, 502.253.4567; Hat by Griffin Derby City Hatters, $108, available at The Mysterious Rack, 558 S 4th St.

“I celebrate Derby each year by making a stop at my best friend’s family home for their annual Derby event. It is definitely a Derby tradition in the Pautsch household, along with attending Oaks each year with friends, drinking mint juleps, and dressing up for the occasion.” — Bailey Wynn, Manager of Lashtastic and owner of Bloomed Roots

BAILEY IS WEARING: Top, $345, Skirt, $495, both from Circe, 502.894.0095; Earrings, $39, Versona, 502.339.4740; Shoes, $88, Magnolia & Fig; Hat by The Hat Doctor, $220.

Wear a Hat Opening Night

The signature accessory for Opening Night at Churchill Downs on September 19 is an evening headpiece, whether it’s a fascinator, feathers, a hat, a headband, or something else! It is a Dress to Impress occasion — so besides the hat, what do you wear?

According to Churchill Downs, women are encouraged to wear party and cocktail dresses and men are encouraged to wear sharp pants and a dress shirt; a tie is optional. Also because Churchill Downs is partnering with Fund for the Arts, you can incorporate the color orange for the evening in the spirit of creativity and encouragement.

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  1. Rebecca Hammond

    Awesome look for such a beautiful young lady


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