Classic & Simple — Derby Drinks and Food

Aug 3, 2020 | Derby, Food



• 1 oz vodka
• 1 oz gin
• 1/2 oz lillet
• Shake or stir
• Garnish with olive and pickled onion

Recipe by Colleen McCarthy

THE DRINK: White Russian

Want more of a dessert drink? The White Russian solves that problem — or for the classic dessert, stop by and get the original Derby Pie, made of chocolate and walnuts, at Kern’s Kitchen and sometimes at your local grocery.

THE DRINK: White Russian

• Ice
• 2 oz Kahlua
• 2 oz vodka
• 2 oz heavy cream

THE FOOD: Bourbon pizza. Photo by Erika Doll.

The Bourbon Pizza is made using slow-cooked homemade bourbon barbecue sauce. The sauce slow-cooks for three hours to achieve the oaky bourbon flavor. Along with the bourbon sauce, the pizza is topped with chicken, bacon, red onions, mozzarella cheese, and provolone cheese.

WHERE TO FIND THIS: Sicilian Pizza & Pasta, 627 S. 4th St., 502.589.8686.

P.S. Tempting chocolates to match your Derby mindset.


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