Happy 4th of July!

Jul 4, 2020 | Holiday Celebrations

Photo courtesy of eastendcrossing.com.

During July we have close to 14 hours of daylight each day. Here are some suggestions about ways to get more out of your holiday weekend and the other long days and sweet summer nights this month.

1. Walk across the Lewis and Clark Bridge Trail. It’s 2.5 miles, and a map is available here. You can enter at Old Salem Road in Jeffersonville, Indiana, or River Road in Prospect, Kentucky.

2. See art and read books to better understand the world. The Speed Art Museum opens July 5, but you can also consider Speed’s Membership Coordinator LaShana Avery’s book suggestions.

3. Look up and watch the sunset, the stars, and the planets. On July 14, Jupiter will be especially easy to see because it is opposite the sun.
4. Catch a drive-in movie in Georgetown, Indiana, or LaGrange, Kentucky.
5. Drive out to the country to see the moon. Full moons will be visible on July 5 and August 3.

6. Pick up some ice cream at Ehrler’s Ice Cream and eat it by the Ohio River in Waterfront Park.


P.S. A few more outdoor activities


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