What Your World Looks Like – Sarah Davasher-Wisdom

May 14, 2020 | COVID-19, Living

Name: Sarah Davasher-Wisdom

Title: President & CEO, Greater Louisville Inc. 

Working at home with Duchess, a 16-year-old Himalayan cat. (She loves to sleep on the printer so that she can be petted while I am on calls and Zoom meetings.)

Husband Rodney Wisdom, a chiropractor, is at home because of the government mandate to close. He is working on house projects.

Most Difficult Right Now
I am concerned about the long-term impact on the economy.  I know we will recover, but how long will it take and what will our region look like when we can start that recovery?  My hope is that this will have brought us together in ways that can accelerate our rebound. 

Most Positive Right Now
The truth is that I love working from home, and I am very productive in doing it. You may be able to tell how comfortable I am as I sport my pajama bottoms in this photo while sitting at my desk in full jewelry and makeup, waiting for the next Zoom call. 

This Daily Practice Helps
I still get up at the same time, exercise, and get dressed. I would not feel like myself if I did not do these things. I will admit, however, that I haven’t worn mascara in a month.  That might be one of the things I say goodbye to after this “Great Pause.”

From My Perspective
I like to think of this time as a mandated reflection on the busyness of life. We need to value this time to reflect on what is important and consider which things we might not want to hurry back to.

P.S. What Jaclyn West, owner of GiftWell, does to keep her spirits high. 


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