What Your World Looks Like – Noel’s Garden

May 11, 2020 | COVID-19, Gardening, Living

Name: Noel Rueff 

Job: Retired from local government. Works part-time at Just Creations (currently shut down).

At home with husband Art Williams, Scout, the neurotic old hound dog who absolutely loves having his humans home all the time, and Tuna the cat. Her garden was scheduled to be on the Crescent Hill Garden Tour, but the tour was canceled. 

My Garden

When I retired I became a master gardener. We live in Crescent Hill on a one-acre lot — unusual for being in the city — so we could have a big yard with gardens. It’s very therapeutic to be in the garden. We garden year-round unless it’s really awful weather. We have a rain garden, vegetable garden, flower garden, and patio garden, where I grow all my herbs and vegetables that I can go right outside and pick when I’m cooking dinner. 

Any time you’re dealing with any kind of a challenge, and obviously these are challenging times, I think it can be very good for the heart and the soul to get your mind off your anxieties and troubles, and there’s nothing better than digging up weeds and planting things. 

From My Perspective

I think we all just need to take deep breaths, and it’s good to turn the TV off. I certainly don’t watch the news every night like I used to. It’s good to read books. It’s good to listen to the radio — WFPK every Wednesday does its Mental Health Wednesdays — it’s wonderful. You screen out the riff raff, tune out the stuff that is distressing, and focus on the better things. Go hike in a pretty park. I hope people are planting gardens and getting outside, and taking advantage of a bad situation to do good things. I hope it’s a learning experience. 

P.S. Maybe it’s time you grow something.


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