What Your World Looks Like – Linda’s Refuge

May 30, 2020 | COVID-19, Living

Name: Linda Jackson 

Title: Owner, Ballroom East Dance Studio  (currently shut down); Co-owner, Aesthetics in Jewelry (closed but dropping jewelry off at homes, at curbside, by mail)

Garden was scheduled to be on Crescent Hill Garden Tour, Canceled

About Her Garden

“From 1983 to last year, I’ve been designing the garden to make it like separate rooms where you can sit or investigate different areas.” There’s a topiary garden and a brick patio area. To Linda it’s important because of her heritage, being born in Scotland and raised in England. “My family always decorated their yard — using every inch instead of just looking out and seeing grass. It’s creating a place that’s beautiful to them.” 

My yard is kind of a refuge, bringing me happiness to take away from everyday life. I have a little vegetable garden, and I like to watch them grow and develop.

Most difficult right now? 

I’m used to being around a lot of different people. I would dance every day and be around my students, who I miss. The jewelry store would have a lot of customers coming in. Gardening is still there, but I don’t have the other side of things.  

This Daily Practice Helps 

Try to keep life as normal as possible. Get up, shower, put makeup on, get dressed in clothing I’d normally go to work in. I check on my dance studio three to four days a week and go to the jewelry store about five days a week to work on inventory. 

From My Perspective

We will overcome this, and things will get better. I try to get up and keep a positive attitude about it, find work to do to stay busy, and just hope and pray that we will come out of this as soon as possible. Yard work is always a good thing, cleaning out a closet, going through old paperwork, finding things to do. 

P.S. Jamie Warfield’s morning ritual. 


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