What She is Wearing Now – Melissa McCarty

May 29, 2020 | Style, Work Wardrobe

Melissa McCarty has a knack for creating the right outfit for any occasion, and she rarely plans what she’ll wear in advance. “I don’t need too much time to figure out what I am going to wear. What I wear is based on how I am feeling in the moment,” she says. Melissa, who works as a senior advertising specialist at GE Appliances, is responsible for the company’s national advertising campaigns including television ads. Whether she is dressing for work or a casual event, Melissa says she favors neutrals and dark tones but pairs them with brighter colors such as blue and pink. You won’t see her wearing ruffles or clothing from Lilly Pulitzer. 

Melissa is a big fan of colorful accessories but uses them judiciously. “If I wear a neutral tone, I will pair it with a bolder accessory. My rule is that I don’t wear bold earrings with a bold necklace. If I wear a bold necklace, I will pair it with minimalist earrings or I may not wear earrings or if I wear bold earrings, I may not wear a necklace.” When searching for jeans, Melissa says Express has the best selection. She also shops at Target and online at Vicicollection.com for dresses and leisure clothing.

P.S. How about finding wardrobe inspiration through sci-fi movies?


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