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May 18, 2020 | COVID-19, Family, Living, She's Reading

Marie Bradby, a former full-time journalist, began writing for children after becoming pregnant with her son. “One day I went shopping for books for him before he was born,” she says, “I couldn’t find any books that featured children of color in characters or illustrations.” At this point, Marie decided she would write those books herself. Marie says  diversity in childrens’ books “builds empathy, keeps stereotypes from being perpetuated, and exposes children to new and exciting voices.”

Marie is a historical fiction writer, covering the 1800s through the 1960s, from times of slavery through the beginning of integration. Throughout her storytelling, she covers a number of heavy issues, although she notes that she uses her characters and their predicaments to keep things light. “There’s a funny side to almost anything,” she says.

Marie has received multiple awards and honors for the following titles, More Than Anything Else; The Longest Wait; Momma, Where Are You From?; Once Upon a Farm; and Some Friend

After Marie’s experience with a girls’ book club at a local elementary school, and learning they were anxious for a follow up to Some Friend, she has been hard at work on its sequel, Some Trip.

“I’ve always tried to answer important questions as they relate to children and to address them in an entertaining and informative way that looks at the present and the past.” 

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