Inspiring Books By Local Authors – Jane Brown

May 21, 2020 | COVID-19, Living, She's Reading

Wishes and Charity Meet Jane Brown, a first time author, who is using her own personal inspiration to inspire children. Jane, a Louisville resident, was visiting family in England when she received the news that she was becoming a grandmother. That very evening, Jane saw from her window a rabbit in the bright light of a full moon. That sight, she says, is what gave her the idea for her debut work, My Moon Wish. Focusing on the power of children’s wishes, Jane has partnered with the Make-a-Wish foundation, where all proceeds from My Moon Wish are donated to her local chapter of Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.   Both author and illustrator, Jane, a long time artist who had primarily worked with colored pencil and ink, used My Moon Wish as a way to expand her artistic technique. In order to attain the more vibrant colors she desired for this book, Jane shares that she taught herself to use Procreate, a digital illustration application on her iPad, for the imagery. “The whole idea of this first book was to give money to a charity,” Jane says. ”Make-a-Wish fit so well. Why not go to the moon to wish?” My Moon Wish is dedicated to her first grandson, Ollie. Jane is currently in the planning stages for a second book, to be dedicated to her second grandson, George, and hopes to find an equally fitting charity to partner with in the future.  “The major part of the book, and Make-a-Wish, has become about taking it into classrooms and teaching children about the power of a wish.” Jane says. “ It is more about philanthropy and giving back.” P.S. Books that can help answer your child’s questions about the present and past


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