Inspiring Books By Local Artists – Tiffany Robinson

May 26, 2020 | COVID-19, Family, She's Reading, Today's Family Now

Diverse Positive Characters Tiffany Robinson is using her background in and passion for public health issues to create stories for children, representing families of African descent. A five-time published author, Tiffany has written books for young children focusing on a variety of everyday issues that can affect all families including how to get along with others, understanding those who are differently-abled, various family interactions, and introducing a new baby to the family. 
“I think it’s important for all kids to see diverse characters and African American families that are positive and living average lives based in present times,” Tiffany says. “That is really important to me.” Tiffany is in the final stages of her next book, which will center on a mother who has been deployed, leaving a baby at home. Tiffany herself is a military veteran, deployed for several months while her first son was very young. Inspired by her own experiences, she wants to tell a story from the perspective of a mother who is away and the emotional impact that can have on a family, while still keeping the story on a level that is relatable to children. P.S. Meet this dynamic duo who sing and tell stories online!


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