A Cheaper Way to Eat Healthy

May 15, 2020 | Past Sponsored

Being healthy starts with eating the proper foods, but not everyone can access fresh produce. “There are many people who can’t afford to go to a farmers’ market and have no way of getting there,” says Karen Moskowitz, executive director of New Roots and the Fresh Stop Market. New Roots, a nonprofit organization located in the Portland neighborhood, operates Fresh Stop Market, which provides organic food to areas in need. Fresh Stop Market has eight locations throughout Louisville and Southern Indiana. People can either buy shares of produce for themselves or do a collective buy-in with a group of people. You also have the option of donating shares for another person. Shareholders receive a bag every other week, and the cost is based on a sliding scale ranging from $6-$43. Karen says aside from providing quality food for low income families, the market supports farmers. “We help three vegetable farms and seven orchards,” she says. To find out more about how to become a shareholder, go here or check out their Facebook page.