Spring Makeovers are in the Air – Rachel Kalnasy

Apr 2, 2020 | Fashion, Style

Gift Shop Associate at Buffalo Trace

Rachel Kalnasy knew she needed to take better care of herself but struggled with making self-care a priority. “It has been a long year and a lot of changes medically and professionally. I had to get a hysterectomy, and I was comfortable with the decision, but then I started questioning my womanhood.” Rachel says she nominated herself for this makeover, because she wanted to feel beautiful. “I wanted to do something nice for myself…it is OK to do one selfish thing for yourself.”

The Hair and Makeup: Lori TerBeek artistic director and co-owner of Z Salon & Spa created a low-maintenance hairstyle for Rachel that would add volume to her hair while accentuating her face. She changed Rachel’s hair color to a caramel blonde to enhance her natural skin tone and added balayage for additional shape and texture. For her makeup, Grace Rosen, an aesthetician at the salon, used Rachel’s blue eyes as the inspiration for creating a bright but natural look. “I enhanced the blue in her eyes using purple eyeshadow and a little bit of eyeliner.” 

P.S. Why Goodwill has become her fashion gold mine



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