Ideas from a Teacher to Help Your Day

Apr 16, 2020 | COVID-19, Family

Melissa Fischer teaches at the Kentucky School for the Blind. She has two sons, Spencer, 9, and Logan, 15. Since the closing of schools for coronavirus, Melissa is maintaining a daily routine that allows her to oversee the carefully planned lessons of her regular students while being sure her own sons complete their lessons with minimal amount of disagreement. Melissa also has students that she regularly tutors after school for the ACT college entrance exams using FaceTime.  

Melissa is constantly searching for new ideas to keep her students engaged. She found virtual field trips online where students can learn and feel like they are on an adventure at the same time. Her son Spencer recently went on a virtual field trip to a farm in Canada where he saw how they make cheese and shear sheep.  She also discovered that the Frazier History Museum offers free tours of its exhibits online.  

When asked for tips during this challenging time, Melissa does not hesitate. “Some advice I would give is to keep a consistent routine during the school day. Create a daily schedule with your children and stick to it.”  

Melissa maintains a regular schedule every day for her students and her sons. Each has their own work space where they keep regular hours for school work with scheduled breaks in between. At 3pm each day her son Spencer enjoys seeing what animals are featured online from the Cincinnati Zoo. Melissa and her boys go to Planet Fitness online every evening at 7 for a cardio workout together. During their breaks each day Melissa encourages Spencer and Logan to go outside when the weather allows to shoot hoops or go for walks. She encourages her boys to develop their cooking skills by baking together or making smoothies. Whatever the activity may be, Melissa is not just teaching but making memories with her sons as well.

P.S. Something we all need right now


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