Helping You Find Senior Living that Fits You

Apr 2, 2020 | Past Sponsored

When the time comes to find a senior care community for your loved one, the process can seem daunting.
Beginning the process of finding a home for yourself or your aging loved one can seem overwhelming. What level of care does your loved one require? What activities are important that will make your loved one feel at home? What are the differences between the senior living communities? Thankfully, there are people like Patti Naiser and Joyce Stabler of Senior Home Transitions to assist families through the process. “We are here to help families navigate the choices, costs, and processes of finding the best senior living situation for you or your loved one,” Patti says.
Senior Home Transitions, a free senior living placement assistance service, offers a downloadable Needs Assessment Form you can fill out, or you can call Patti to begin the placement process. As soon as they receive your assessment, Senior Home Transitions will schedule an in-person or phone interview with you and will create your personal profile to allow them to find you the best senior care options based on your needs, financial situation, and location preferences. “We visit every facility, take detailed notes, and enter the information into our content management system,” Patti says. “This allows us not only to give an accounting of amenities, services, and logistic information, we get a feel for the personality of the facility, its staff as well as the residents. This helps us to better match you with an atmosphere that will be more to your taste.”
Patti Naiser and Joy Tabler of Senior Home Transitions are ready to help you find the best fit for you or your loved one.
Next, Senior Home Transitions will schedule and tour with you the senior care communities that match your requirements. “We are in and out of each community on a regular basis and know the personality of each facility,” Patti says. “We help to find a place you can afford, where you’ll get the help you need, and where you’ll feel at home.” If your loved one is having a difficult time facing a move, read our tips to help with the transition to assisted living.


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