Create a Daily Practice

Apr 26, 2020 | COVID-19, DIY, Wellness

Some women thrive on keeping a loose and spontaneous schedule. I am not one of them. My idea of a good day is a well-kept calendar/planner, a To Do List with all items checked off, and my daily art practice.  My routines and rituals support and sustain me. When I began life as a freelance writer, I knew better than to wait for inspiration to strike before I sat down at the keyboard. Persistence is the key. Just write. Every day.  When I started to paint with watercolors, I knew I could apply the same principle — make art every day.  This was practice. And more practice. Then, along with painting, I started keeping a sketchbook. Later, I discovered collage. Eventually, more crafty paper items showed up — handmade little books, notecards, junk journals, and the creation of all sorts of vintage embellishments to enjoy. (Thank you, YouTube.)
Here you will see a few results of this daily practice. None of these projects will find their way to an art museum or gallery, but that is not the point. As a writer, I am used to watching my words bloom on the page or computer screen. As a daily artist, I still get a thrill of seeing and touching something that I created with my own hands. My daily mantra: Step away from the screen and step into the studio.


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