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Mar 4, 2020 | Style, Work Wardrobe

“I would love to have a silk cape in my wardrobe, because they are beautiful. I love the movement and soft fabric. A cape would make me feel magical.” – Rachel Foster

Rachel Foster, 33
UX Design Director at Slingshot 

Rachel Foster thrives off of complexity. She works for a software development firm where she “helps guide the user-experience design process. I ensure that everything is high quality, visually intuitive to use, and I advocate for users in the software realm.” Her job requires innovation, inventiveness, and a nice aesthetic, which are the same elements she uses when creating an outfit. “I want to wear something that will be comfortable and expressive of myself,” she says. 

Rachel makes the color black the foundation of every outfit and then adds a statement piece. It could be a bright jacket, scarf, or a pattern bodysuit. “I have a holographic jacket with crazy patterns, but my favorite outfit is my blue metallic geometric jacket. It is sheer and has panels with blue metallic shapes. It reminds me of something out of the movie Tron.”

 Rachel says she uses clothes as a form of self expression and follows fashion designers such as #burningmanfashion on Instagram when she’s searching for inspiration. The clothing is eccentric, but Rachel develops a toned down version for her style. “I put my own twist on it for what would make sense to wear to dinner or a meeting.” She also finds clothes at thrift stores and Dollskill.com.    

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