Home Design Trends

Mar 22, 2020 | Home Decor

Mixing antiques with modern: This antique lamp works great with these modern pieces. All photos taken at Watts Home Center. PHOTOS BY MELISSA DONALD

According to design experts from Watts Home Center in La Grange, Kentucky, a remodel could be just what you need in this new decade.

Owners Candy and Brian Watts, who once owned a day spa and a concrete company, know how to enhance both the outside and inside of a home and provide many options in their large showroom in Oldham County.

The first step is to determine your remodel budget, the design team at Watts says, because they want contractors, homeowners, and the Center to have transparent cooperation. “We handhold with the customer and contractor,” Candy says. Whether the homeowner wants a one-room revamp or a full house redo, it’s important to be clear on wants and expectations.

Although with each new year new design trends roll out, the team of experts at Watts says not to take the fads too seriously. Design should be an “expression of who you are,” says Designer Adrienne Kennedy. “Buy things you love … you can find a spot for it,” Candy adds.


Candy Watts is showing off mixed patterns and textures at her store.

Mixing antique items with a more modern style is popular, she says, which adds up to an eclectic style of your own. “We steer people to what they really like, not what HGTV tells them they should like,” Adrienne says. When done correctly, the team says, the finished project should be “timeless.”

The team does track what is in-demand with their clientele. For the exterior of the home, maintenance-free vinyl always sells well. On the higher-end, Hardie board is popular for those who want a more rustic look. Black and white is still the most-wanted palette, but the team says bold doors can be added for a pop of color.

As the last decade brought minimalist gray and white to indoor decor, this year you might consider spicing it up inside the home, according to the experts. Cabinetry, once neutral, is becoming more colorful as natural grains are stained with hues like navy blue.


Lighting fixtures in brass or black are trends offering “artwork” for the home.

Mixing patterns like wallpaper and this stained cabinet and bright quartz top offer eccentricity.

Christina Hodge, market representative for Cambria, which makes quartz countertop surfaces, says soft marble patterns in white, navy, and gold are projected to be high sellers in 2020. Mostly white quartz with a soft veining of grays and warmer tones will spring up for kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

There’s a new way of thinking about backsplashes in both the kitchen and bathroom, say Christina and Travis Johnston, sales representatives for Luxe Surfaces, a Cambria installation company in Louisville. In the bathroom, instead of marble tile all around the shower, one thin slab can be installed on the wall, like a mural, for a dramatic effect. The material is non-porous and easy to clean with no grout lines, Travis says. Similarly, in the kitchen, a backsplash with the same material used on countertops can be installed all the way up the wall of the range, Christina says.

According to Candy Watts, living spaces now have a curated feel, with each room having stories and a “history.” Collective pieces like antiques and artwork can warm up a modern room that features porcelain lamps and bold, printed upholstery. If you want to try something new, Candy suggests mixing patterns in a room, but always scale down so combinations don’t clash.

Layering a smaller rug over an area rug can completely change a room, say the experts, and books of all sizes can be placed throughout the space for a personalized feel. Antique brass and black finishes have carried into the new year, says Candy, who just returned from a light show in Las Vegas. She says lighting is the finishing touch of a home, calling it “artwork” that reflects the homeowner. Lighting can “make or break a room or the exterior of a home,” says Candy, so always go bigger to make the room or house pop.

Though all new, this traditional green chair mixes nicely with the contemporary hutch.