Artisans & Makers — Sue Schofield

Mar 27, 2020 | Artisans

Sue upcycles vintage leather into handbags and jewelry.

Many moons ago when Sue Schofield co-owned the vintage store Cherry Bomb with Nathan Erickson of The Flea Off Market, she would frequently come across leather and suede garments that, sadly, no one wanted. These “treasures” got her thinking: Wouldn’t it be such a shame to let these finds go unused? Why not repurpose them into new leather items like bags, belts, guitar straps, key chains, and jewelry that people would actually use?

“And that is the birth story of Inherited Leather,” Sue says of the business she founded in 2007. “I use both traditional and contemporary leather crafting techniques, utilizing both machine and hand-stitching. I predominantly repurpose garments and upholstery leather when possible.” That way, Sue’s medium can showcase the soft sheen and funky patterns that only broken-in vintage leather possesses. These discarded items are transformed into chic and earthy wearable art so magnetic you can’t help but press your face into them to get closer to their memorable scent. One deep inhale and you are sold. 

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“Wouldn’t it be a shame to let these finds go unused?”
— Sue Schofield