Artisans & Makers – Roxy Lentz

Mar 3, 2020 | Artisans, Career

Roxy Lentz is a self-taught metalsmith who makes her jewelry almost entirely from upcycled silverplate trays — the kind you receive as wedding gifts or for accomplishments and then donate to the thrift store. The material does not have much initial value (as it is made from brass and covered in a thin layer of silver), but Roxy transforms it into art using a saw to cut it into jewelry and a torch to fire on an unusual patina. “It is an unpredictable process. I never know how it will turn out. ‘One of a kind’ is a trite phrase these days, but my jewelry really is. I can’t make the same thing twice. Earrings don’t match, but they go together,” Roxy says of the conceptual jewelry she has made for the past 30 years.

The rough terrain in the mountains of Montana, Roxy’s childhood home, is what inspires her raw, earthy aesthetic. “My jewelry isn’t for everyone,” she explains, despite the fact that her art has been juried by art galleries and worn by women all over the United States, London, England, and throughout Spain. “I call it ‘Uncommon Jewelry for Independent Women’ because the women who wear my jewelry don’t care what other people think about them; they just know what they like. They are passionate about it, and they wear it often.” 


  1. Cathy Ridge

    I am a fan!!! Love everything about your artistic craft… are an inspiration!

  2. Lorraine Ruegsegger

    I love your hands Roxy!!


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