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Mar 16, 2020 | Artisans

You might find Molly Whitt in her car on her lunch break sketching an urban landscape. An otherwise gloomy day — barren trees, chainlink, and industrial concrete — is made beautiful by three birds perched atop the drab warehouse. Molly captures the scenes in ink and her travel watercolor kit she fashioned out of an upcycled chewing gum package.  

She works in construction, surrounded by a bunch of men and building material, but somehow she always seems to find slices of beauty in this existence. On her long commute to her home in Taylorsville each day, she marvels at the fleeting moments of beauty. “I will pull the car over and take pictures of the landscape or of churches on the way home. I take long walks with my three dogs and find beauty there,” Molly explains. “I paint the stuff that makes me happy: flowers, my son and husband fishing, churches, barns, the outdoors.”

Although Molly’s time is often occupied with her job and family life, she squeezes in art whenever she can and uses whatever materials are available to her — from making elaborate costumes for her 4-year old son out of textiles and foam, to creating intricate collages out of junk mail…to watercolors in her car on her lunch break.

Molly is currently working on a painting in her home studio that mimics a sunset view by her house.


A painting that Molly dedicated to her husband. 

The portable watercolor book and backpack that Molly takes with her to work.


  1. Sandra McCoy

    Lovely work Molly.

  2. Linda

    Wow.. so proud of this lady… I’ve known her since she was in the womb. Her Mother Nd I are long time friend.. keep up the good work Molly.


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