What I Am Wearing – Aisha Woodford

Feb 24, 2020 | Fashion, Style, Work Wardrobe

Aisha’s lavender suit, from Vince Camuto, is one of her favorite outfits. “I really love pairing black with color, and I think it is a nice combination of having that pop of color without being too overbearing.”

Aisha Woodford, 30
Social Listening Analyst with YUM Brands

Aisha Woodford doesn’t follow anyone’s fashion rules — except her own. “Believing that there is a set of rules that you have to follow is going against the whole idea of what fashion is and celebrating who you are. I don’t believe in not wearing white after Labor Day,” she says. She applies this same philosophy to what she wears to the office. Aisha, who works in the external communications department at YUM Brands, monitors its social media channels for KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell to keep track of what consumers are saying about the brands. 

Although she works in a corporate environment, Aisha strives to create a colorful, exciting style based on self-expression. Suits and blazers are the stars of Aisha’s work wardrobe. “You can dress blazers up or down which is ideal for me because I can go from the office to getting food and drinks with friends. I also love to wear sneakers with suits.” 

Aisha says, “I love Vince Camuto and Steve Madden shoes. I also love H+M, because they have fun and trendy stuff that looks as good as anything else from a high-end designer.”

“My dad told me to only pick something I actually love and not something I like or I think I can match with something else. I also ask myself, ‘Is this something I can wear multiple times?’”


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