Rescue Me – Selena & Mateo

Feb 29, 2020 | Pets

Selena Howard and Mateo
Veterinary Assistant at Combs Veterinary Clinic in Bloomington, Indiana

Selena Howard didn’t intend to become a pet owner when she met Mateo, who was a 4-day-old puppy she volunteered to bottle feed. “A friend’s family member’s dog had a large litter of puppies and couldn’t keep up milk production to feed all of the puppies, so they reached out to me, because I had bottle feeding experience. Fast forward two years and here we are. He is my pride and joy…the biggest mama’s boy there is.” Mateo also comes to the rescue of other animals by being a universal blood donor dog at IndyVet Emergency & Specialty Hospital in Indianapolis. He is a dog model for @chasinsquirrels and @kahlsdesigns, which are shops that sell bandanas (he’s wearing one) and bow ties for cats and dogs.

P.S. Another love letter to make you smile. 


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