Rescue Me – Maji & Bobby

Feb 14, 2020 | Pets

Maji Koetter-Ali wasn’t a dog lover, but she couldn’t resist Bobby, who she says taught her about unconditional love and loyalty. “He changed my perspective and life for the better.” Bobby’s previous owner could no longer care for him because of housing limitations. “That’s when my husband and I were lucky enough to adopt him. When we brought him home, he had extreme anxiety, and he was malnourished so much that his bones were showing. He had whipworm, and he hadn’t received any of his shots.” Now Bobby is a healthy, happy dog who enjoys spending time at EP Tom Sawyer Park with his owners. “Seeing the transformation he’s made from the anxiety-ridden dog he was the day we adopted him to the happy and energetic dog he is today makes me so happy. I’ve loved getting to know him and seeing his love and trust grow day by day.”  

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