Love Letters – Shelly & Kobe

Feb 23, 2020 | Pets

Shelly Pence, corporate Internship Director at Holy Cross High School.

For Furry February, we created some special Valentine’s cards from these lovable pets.

“Shelly you are my bestie! I love our long walks. Thanks for letting me lead and sniff around (the other dogs don’t get to do that).  The pool is my favorite — you and I’ve got that catch game down pat. At night, in your bed, watching movies is heaven on earth. I’m glad I picked you. We were meant to be together.”

How they met: “My mom died three years ago. One night, she came to me in a dream and told me to get a dog. I think she sent Kobe to me to help me in my time of grief. She was a dog lover, rescued animals, and I totally believe she sent Kobe to rescue my family in our time of grief.”

Special talents: “He responds to some sign language.”

P.S. End-of-life comfort for your pet. 


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