Love Letters – Paige & Luna

Feb 9, 2020 | Pets

Paige Holloway, Essential Stylist and Cosmetologist at J Michael’s Spa and Salon

For Furry February, we created some special Valentine’s cards from these lovable pets.

How they met: “One of my friends studded out her male dog, and Luna was one of the puppies.”

Special moments: “We love our morning snuggles together. Luna also loves bath bombs so she gets excited when she hears bath water running. I place my bomb on the edge of the tub and let her push it in with her nose. She loves to watch it fizz.”

Special talents: “She can do all of her commands with hand signals only. She also does an amazing sit pretty.”

Paige Holloway and her dog, Luna.

P.S. Acupuncture for your pet? It might work.


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