What We Can Learn From National Influencers – Alison Cardoza

Jan 24, 2020 | Community, Giving Back, Mental Health

Alison Cardoza and her daughter Alexis recently offered a free youth hip-hop class at Gilda’s Club  which included giving away these charms. Alison is especially interested in helping improve mental health first. “These days the (children) have so much on their hearts that we might not even think of.

Alison Cardoza is a former UofL Lady Bird and NFL Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader with degrees in exercise science and sports medicine. She is also a certified personal trainer at Louisville’s Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center. Over the past 17 years, she has worked with thousands. Additionally, she regularly instructs dance at local studios and schools and specializes in preparing dancers and cheerleaders for high school, college, and professional teams. “I love to help people stay active and be the healthiest versions of themselves,”  Alison says. 

Recently, she co-founded a group (her passion project) called So Southern at Heart, which is aimed at helping the children in our community. “My goal is to teach kids to strive for a healthier lifestyle,” she says. “So many of them come from families that don’t know about good nutrition and health habits, and so many are living sedentary lives. I want them to get up and moving and feel good mentally.”

The Be Brave, Be You charms that she and Alexa made for their youth hip hop class at Gilda’s Club are intended to help kids get through each day in a positive way.  “We all face obstacles in life — a test, a surgery, problems at home, a big school recital,” Alison says. “Our heart charm is meant to remind kids of the strength they carry within. It can be worn as a necklace or placed in a pocket. A simple rub or wish on the heart reminds them that they’ve got what it takes.”

Alison says, “I always aim at mental health first with my clients, especially the children. These days they have so much on their hearts that we [adults] may not even think of. Tension needs to be released, and minds need to be cleared before we can set good, realistic fitness goals. I always emphasize the positive, and the charms are an extension of this.”

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