What Can We Learn From National Influencers – Morgan Tyler Haley

Jan 28, 2020 | Community, Giving Back, Mental Health

Morgan Tyler Haley’s Instagram account has gone through a lot of transformations. She recently changed the title from The Southern Yogi to Finding Morgan Tyler (her real name) to reflect what she’s working on right now. What’s remarkable about Morgan is that she began as just a person who found a passion for yoga and started following various yoga hashtags. “It led me to a whole community of people who I took online challenges from and was able to interact with,” Morgan says. “I started to realize my account was rapidly growing after I completed a few yoga challenges and started posting my progress pictures. It felt like it went from 200 to 10,000 in just a few months.”

As Morgan continued to document her progress with yoga, (which led to certification, teaching, loads of retreats to far off lands, a yoga apparel sponsorship, and writing her own online yoga tutorial), her Instagram account grew to over half a million followers. She credits this growth with her willingness to share most (sometimes too many) of the details of her life (including her relationships) online. “It’s so hard to stop working since everything you do is at your fingertips. Sometimes I have a hard time separating work and home life.”

Nowadays, she says, “Giving myself the grace to be who I want to be every day, without judgment or self doubt” is what she tries to live by. She admits that she used to keep her body in a certain condition because she felt she needed to because of her platform. She’s continuing to practice yoga, film her tutorials, and sell her merchandise, but she’s had a bit of a shift of mindset. “Now I ask myself if I am choosing a certain behavior in order to maintain what I think is society’s definition of healthy…or am I doing it because it makes my body and spirit feel good? If it’s the latter, that’s what I go with.”