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Jan 13, 2020 | Community, Food

She Makes You Laugh While She Teaches You How To Cook
Louisville’s own Damaris Phillips (@chefphillips, @bluebirdandblackberries) first rose to fame and popularity in 2013 when she won the ninth season of the Food Network TV series Food Network Star. From there she hosted her own show, Southern At Heart, for five seasons; she’s gone on to write numerous cookbooks (most recently Southern Girl Meets Vegetarian Boy). She continues to appear in Food Network shows such as The Bobby and Damaris Show and her streaming series, Southern and Hungry, which she co-hosts with auto racing analyst Rutledge Wood.

What is so compelling about following Damaris Phillips on social media? Even though Damaris has found considerable fame and success, it is still apparent that she loves to celebrate her Louisville roots. Via her Instagram stories, she takes her followers through her daily life, which can mean anything from a behind the scenes look at what she goes through in order to become camera-ready; a hilarious jaunt through some of her favorite local thrift stores looking for and modeling costumes (she loves to dress up and has an insane collection of wigs); or a sentimental visit with her 104-year-old grandfather on his birthday. In between, she shares tips and tricks for great recipes, takes her viewers to the Food Network for tapings, and of course, she visits her favorite local bakeries, eateries, and nightlife establishments.

Perhaps lesser known is what she touts as her passion project, Bluebird and Blackberries. She runs this website for intentional living with her chef friends Becca, Nikki, and Terra, and they hack the trends seen online in order to make them “easier, faster, cheaper, and more thoughtful.” Their mission statement says it best: “We are not the shiniest or the coolest. Our lives are not perfect. Our houses are sometimes messy, our dinners often thrown together, and our outfits may or may not involve sweatpants, but we are happy.” 

Damaris says, “As a girl I loved fairy tales, but now as an adult I’m conflicted because I worry that the stories we use as entertainment also teach girls to be comparative. In fairy tales, the only friends are animals. There is only one prince, one glass slipper, one bit of magic, and only one princess is the most beautiful. But in reality, I think there can be enough happy endings for all of us. We started Bluebird and Blackberries because we wanted to create a space that helped remind women of this.”

 Separately but together, these ladies perform all sorts of challenges such as the “Blackberry Anniversary Recipe Challenge,” where they each made a recipe with blackberries and shared their results; “World Kindness Day,” where they each reported on what they were inspired to do to show kindness; and “My Brows are Fading,” where they each tested and showed the results from all sorts of eyebrow products. They use their platform to celebrate the spirit of sisterhood.

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