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Jan 4, 2020 | Wellness

Some Touch Therapy 

If your focus is self care, Elizabeth Rackley recommends a 90-minute massage that is tailored to meet your needs. “If you are coming in to pamper yourself, you want that extra time, and 90 minutes is the sweet spot.” With co-owner Marie Brown, Elizabeth opened A Breath of Serenity, which has been offering massage services from its St. Matthews location for 10 years.

Young or old, everyone can benefit from massage and its numerous benefits, which include reducing stress and pain, improving circulation, and increasing range of motion. Joan Mayhugh, a long-time client who recently celebrated her 90th birthday, credits her vitality to monthly visits to A Breath of Serenity. “It keeps me going,” Joan says. “Elizabeth is my lifesaver.”

Soak Into It

Accessible and affordable, the simple act of bathing can become an indulgent experience for the senses if pampering is the goal. Bath enthusiast Greta Tucker has been taking baths exclusively for over 20 years and knows the benefits that a warm bath can provide. “The bath is a safe place for me,” Greta says. “The soothing water warms my body and makes me feel good.” Greta recommends a soft back brush and bath pillow for longer bath sessions. On days where she really wants to indulge herself, dimming the lights and lighting an aromatherapy candle can help to deepen the relaxation experience. For an additional splash of self care, bath salts or bubbles can be added.

Photo by Melissa Donald

Stop for Tea Time

With over 150 teas on its wall, the Louisville Tea Co. has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a boost of energy or relaxation, Nicolette Spears, who opened the shop in 2012 with her husband and family, can recommend the perfect tea for you. “We have a tea for everything,” Nicolette says. If relaxation is what you seek, there are several specific blends that she suggests. The Bashford Bedtime Brew is an herbal tea they blend in-house. The combination of chamomile, rose, and lavender will help to lightly relax the mind and body without causing drowsiness. Aptly named Relaxation, Nicolette recommends this white tea to help calm the nerves. If you are looking for something a little stronger, Chill Out contains Valerian root, which can help promote sleep.

“Tea leaves contain the natural compound theanine, which helps reduce stress and ups energy,” Nicolette says. Sounds like a winning combination for anyone looking for a little self care in a cup.

Eat Some Cake!

Ladyfingers Catering has been offering Old World, home-style catering with originality and artistry for 30 years. Among its extensive menu, desserts still take the cake if you want to indulge and feel luxurious. “Eating a decadent dessert is like a pat on the back for something you deserve,” says Owner Deborah Lowery. Her go-to for a truly indulgent experience is the Charlotte Russe. This special-order dessert is prepared using ladyfingers around the bottom and the outside and is topped with fresh whipped cream and chocolate curls. The inside consists of Kahlua-soaked ladyfingers sandwiched between a layer of chocolate mousse and white espresso mousse. Deborah also recommends the popular strawberry filling if you prefer a more traditional taste.

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