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Jan 14, 2020 | Family

If your home is overrun with clutter, clearing it out is easier than you might think, according to Kim Jones, owner of L+K Home Organization. Being organized, she says, is about “taking the time to put a system in place that works well for you and your family.” Kim offers workshops and speaking engagements targeted toward moms who need help staying organized. She recently published The No-Nonsense Home Organization Plan. 

 When organizing your space, Kim says it’s best to start in the kitchen where there is no emotional attachment, because it will be easier for you to get rid of items quickly. “I tell people to start either with their junk drawer or their spices.” Oftentimes, people don’t check the expiration dates of their spices, which creates more clutter in the pantry. Before you buy anything else, take out all of the items in your pantry to determine what you do and don’t need. Categorizing your items, Kim says, is an important step most people miss. “People don’t know what they have in their pantry, and then they buy the same thing. When you categorize things, you’ll find that you have four opened bottles of cinnamon, because you forgot you had it.” Use containers for items such as sugar, cereal, or ground coffee and label the containers to help your kids find what they need fast.

Rather than placing cosmetics loosely in a drawer, Kim suggests using a makeup organizer or, if you need additional space, opt for acrylic stackables shown here. Lazy Susans are also another good option, because you can use them for perfume, hairspray, and other essentials. “You can place it on the countertop in your bathroom, spin it, and grab whatever you need.”

Use baskets to teach your children how to keep their bedroom and toy area organized. Baskets without lids she says, are ideal for kids because they can place items in them effortlessly. “I’ve learned with kids that you have to make it as easy as possible.”  

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