Fond of Louisville: 4 International Foods You Have to Try This Month

Jan 17, 2020 | Food

Madeleine Dee (AKA The Seasoned Cynic) is the owner of Fond, Fond Originals, and Bold BirdProductions. You can watch her cooking show, Easy Elegance, on YouTube. Subscribe to her website for recipes, stories, and videos here.  

A new year is upon us, and it’s so tempting to stay home daydreaming about getting away for a relaxing vacation after the stress of the holidays. But most likely, you’re focused on eating better, exercising more, and spending less. Why not cover all the bases by braving the chilly weather and taking a mini culinary vacation right here in Louisville? No plane tickets required. 

Any avid fan of The Great British Baking Show remembers the episode when Mary Berry cackled with glee about issuing the difficult challenge of making Swedish Princess Cakes. The bakers shook as they assembled tender layers of almond cake with raspberry jam, vanilla custard, and whipped cream, then covered their creations with green marzipan. Truly a special dessert, the Swedish Prinsesstårta is difficult to find in the United States. Luckily, Smör Nordic Bakeri here in Louisville makes them to order. Check them out on IG: @smorbakeri

True Smoked Salmon
A toasted bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but did you know that what we typically call “smoked” salmon is actually cured, and that truly smoked salmon is another thing? It’s tender, meaty, and delicious. Even though you can make your own at home, it’s way easier to grab some right off the smoker at Highland Fish Market in Chenoweth Square! While you’re there, pick up the freshest fish and seafood in town, as well as some handmade crab cakes.  

My best friend, Hallie, is married to a man from Bosnia named Emir. It has been a genuine pleasure over the last decade to spend time with his family and learn about southeastern Europe. Emir introduced me to B H International Market, where he and Hallie regularly shop for cured meats, cheeses, and a traditional Balkan bread called Lepinja (also sometimes spelled lepina and called “somun”). When I want an extra special treat, I buy a bag of this bread, which is frozen but thaws quickly and tastes wonderfully fresh. One night for dinner, try placing some Lepinja in the center of the table and share something new with your family! It’ll be fun. You can find B H International Market at 3914 Bardstown Rd. Suite 101 (behind Café Joker). 

I love kimbap (also spelled gimbap), which is the Korean version of sushi. It features fillings such as egg, pickled vegetables, and braised meats. The rice is slightly sweet and flavored with sesame, which distinctly sets it apart from Japanese sushi. Choi’s Asian Market serves it warm on a roller by the register! You can choose between beef and veggie. Also good to note is that it’s wrapped tightly but pre-sliced, so you can drive around eating delicious slice by delicious slice without making a mess. Check out Choi’s Asian Food Market on Facebook. 

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