Fitness Challenge – Cindy Baerny

Jan 27, 2020 | Healthy Choices, Wellness

Cindy Baerny has found her “zen,” as she refers to it, through running.  “I do my best thinking when I’m running,” she says. As a longtime runner, she  keeps herself challenged by including new routes, training for races, and participating in local running clubs. As a new mom of twins, finding time and energy isn’t always easy. 


Cindy Baerny’s 2020 Challenge : Run a 10K race or a half marathon and doing this kind of distance again (since I had my twins a year ago) would be awesome. I want to enjoy the sport for what it is, and seeing my body as a powerful machine is what is so cool. This is a new chapter for me: The fun is in actually doing the race, in the training, and running with friends that aren’t necessarily the same pace as me. 

Cindy admits that just getting out the door is half the battle since she became a mom. In order to push through the everyday obstacles of making her run a priority, she reminds herself how she will feel afterward and the example she wants to set for her kids.

P.S. Follow this runner’s lead when problems arise.