Zenebia’s Go-To List for Staying Zen

Nov 8, 2019 | Mental Health, Wellness

I was asked to talk to a “happy person” and Zenebia Law came immediately to mind. When I told her that, she laughed and said, “My disguise must be working!” Whatever she calls it, Zenebia’s smile and calming demeanor are a true gift. She has her own strategies for success:

Zenebia’s Go-To List for Staying Zen

  1. Move. “I get out in the sun, take a walk around the building, or even just stretch in my office. I pay attention to where tension is in my body.”
  2. Get quiet. “It can help to shut down everything around me and check in with myself. Do I need to eat, drink water, talk to a trusted friend?”
  3. Give myself kindness. “My daily routine is a big deal to me, but sometimes it gets derailed. Instead of beating myself up, I aim for compassion and know that I can get back on track again.” 

P.S.  Channeling your zen through forest bathing. 


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