Trips that Heal the Soul

Nov 25, 2019 | Past Sponsored

When you have lost a loved one, dealing with the loneliness and reacclimating yourself to the daily rituals of life is difficult. Owen Funeral Homes is incorporating the concept of socialization into their grief support services to help the bereaved resume a normal life. Their Rollin with Owen program provides trips for people ages 50-80 who have lost a loved one. 

For those who have limited social connections, the program allows them to develop new friendships and gives them hope for a better future. “When you lose a spouse, you lose your couple group. You are by yourself, and it is harder to find people who will travel with you. These trips build community for people. If a person is traveling by themselves on one of our trips, I am going to introduce them to the group or sit with them during mealtimes,” says Genene Nisbet, bereavement service specialist at Owen Funeral Homes. 

The Rollin with Owen program provides the convenience of safe, easy, and affordable travel. Travelers have the option of either taking a 1-day or multi-day trip, and all trips are designed to accommodate people with mobility issues. Previous groups have taken cruises, and traveled to Branson, Missouri, Nova Scotia, Horseshoe Casino, Mackinac Island, and Derby Dinner Playhouse. The 4-day trip to Branson includes four shows, six meals, shopping, and a wine tour.

Genene Nisbet, bereavement service specialist at Owen Funeral Homes.

Staff members, who travel with the group, provide medical assistance when needed. “If a person has a fall, we will go to the hospital with them and make sure they get through that part OK. If they have forgotten their medicine, then we will fight for them to get that medicine from the pharmacy. We really try to take care of them,” Genene says. 

Owen Funeral Homes also provides support groups for people who have either lost their spouse or child, and they offer online grief support, monthly luncheons, and other activities.

For more information about the services available through Owen Funeral Homes, contact them at their location on 5317 Dixie Highway, Louisville, at 502.447.2600 or at 9318 Taylorsville Road, Jeffersontown, at 502.266.9566.