Makeovers Revealed: Tina Berry

Nov 11, 2019 | Style

Tina, the winner of our Encourager makeover is wearing: poncho, $1,145; turtleneck, $820; pants, $398 from Rodes for Her.

Tina’s before photo at J Michael’s Salon and Spa.

Tina Berry, 48, doesn’t mind sharing her time with others — all while being the family matriarch of a household that includes her husband, four grandchildren, and her 27-year-old daughter Brittany. Since three of her grandchildren play on baseball and football teams, Tina attends their games regularly. “My grandchildren are the reason I wake up every morning. They brighten my day even when I am having a bad day. They make me smile,” she says. Tina exudes the same caring spirit in her job as business manager at Winterwood, Inc., a property management company. “When people come in to discuss their difficulties with finances and paying the rent for their homes, she never looks down on them. She always works hard to help the tenants and gives them information on places that may be able to assist. She has been a shoulder to cry on when they need it most,” says  Jessica Rhodes a friend who nominated her for the makeover.

The Hair and Makeup: A change in hair color can make a huge difference. Instead of sticking with Tina’s traditional blonde highlights, Paige Holloway, foundational stylist at J Michael’s Salon & Spa worked in variations of blonde to give the hair dimension, depth, and a softer faux-balayage look. She gave Tina’s hair more volume and length by putting a Hotheads Extension weft in her hair. For her makeup, Paige gave Tina a taupe and bronze shimmer smokey eye to enhance her blue eyes. She filled in Tina’s lips with the Jane Iredale lip pencil in the shade spice followed by a touch of the Triple Luxe Lipstick in the shade Gabby.