Heal the Air- Stuart Ungar

Nov 19, 2019 | Community, Wellness

Stuart Unger, president of Evolve KY, is helping Louisville’s air by encouraging others to make the switch to electric cars. Five years ago, Stuart and his friend were having a conversation about the lack of electric charging stations in the city, when he had an epiphany: If people were going to make the switch to electric, they would need better electric infrastructure. At the time, the only charging stations were located at the electric car dealerships. Now, five years later, Stuart’s nonprofit has helped to install free charging stations in 22 locations around the region — outside coffee shops and busy metro areas, and even one inside Bernheim Forest.

Stuart is passionate about electric cars. “Education is job number one in what we do at Evolve KY. Most people don’t know that the first vehicles ever made were electric and that electric automobiles are superior to petrol-based. They cost less, are quieter, have no emissions, and they are cheaper to maintain. There are no oil changes, timing belt or fan replacements — the only maintenance on an electric car is replacing wiper blades and fluid and in keeping your tires aligned. The motor is like your grandma’s fan — it will keep running forever,” Stuart says.

Aside from raising awareness through events like National Drive Electric Week and providing local businesses with free charging stations, Evolve KY has also crowd sourced the making of an hour-long documentary about electric vehicles. “Driving electric has so many benefits to our health, to the environment, and to our wallets. It’s a very efficient way to travel — and there is nothing coming out of the tailpipe.”