Workplace Perks: Strategic Communications

Oct 21, 2019 | Community

The staff at Strategic Communications and some of thier pets. 

Paige Reh, human resources director at Strategic Communications, says that it is crucial to have appealing benefits for candidates. “We are constantly recruiting, because the job hiring market is competitive. We have really noticed in the last two or three years with the unemployment rate being so low, that it is hard to find and retain talent. Our good people have opportunities and we have to compete with the large companies out there.”

Strategic Communications has 40 employees and holds closely the value of education and an open-communication culture. Started by CEO Kathy Mills and her husband, Rick, 25 years ago, it has been focused on unique benefits for several years. A few employee benefits include a dog-friendly office, providing employees with a gym and pool membership, and the extra incentive of giveaways and gift cards for those who take on wellness challenges through the Humana Wellness 365 program. The company’s culture calendar includes a monthly social activity, but it makes sure to include  furry friends. When there is ice cream for humans, there is dog-friendly ice cream, too.

That open-communication comes into play when doing an employee’s annual review. It is more of a conversation that allows the employee to request training in the areas they are interested in.

“We get to learn about a position they may want to pursue one day and be able to help them achieve that goal. This allows us to take a customized approach for the individual, instead of a one-size-fits-all plan,”  Paige says.

With a partnership built with Jefferson County Public Schools, the company is  able to work with students through the school year and hire interns from that group who could eventually become full-time employees. Paige feels it is important to build a relationship with your local community, and that’s why its employees support numerous nonprofit causes locally. This includes taking up school supply donations and getting out of the office and volunteering onsite as a group at the Salvation Army distribution center during the holidays.

Paige explains that the success of a company lies in how it treats its employees. “People, managers, business owners, etc., are afraid to train or develop their talent, because they are afraid the person may leave them. What if you don’t train them and they stay? Invest in your people while you have them. Position them for success wherever their journey takes them. Ultimately your organization is going to benefit, especially because you are training your people to be empowered employees. Operating a company with this mentality will lead to great success.”


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